Wednesday, December 28, 2011


the walls are breaking in.

weekend yang penuh produktif.aspek keluarga, personal dan perasaan.
dah mula masuk fasa tidur di siang hari dan berjaga di malam hari.
baru namanya student.
okay , nak cerita ape ye ?
how i imagine my wedding will be?hekh .

i am not so...creative in this.i dont imagine my wedding day as "rich" as any wedding i've been to.
i'm not imagining of wearing silk, or organza, or whatever expensive clothes they are wearing. in fact, i only know a few fabric names - cotton, and gorgette (is it spelled correctly?)

i dont have the imagination of my wedding filled with flowery hantaran. i dont imagine wearing 3 to 4 clothes in a day. i dont even imagine having to sit on the pelamin watching everybody eat and laugh with my sweat pouring from my forehead.

i dont imagine my wedding with a dj hosting it. i dont imagine my wedding having the silat or zapin dance or whatever. i dont imagine my wedding a long table for makan beradab. i dont even imagine having a 3 or 4-tier wedding cake with a small plastic miniature of the bride and groom on top of it.

i dont imagine seeing my friend come and go without my husband and i greeting them at the entrance. i dont imagine missing talking to every one of them. i dont imagine having my parents to greet people they dont know. i dont even imagine seeing some strangers wandering around the buffet line.

my wedding should have, my husband and i greeting every guests at the entrance, while my parents and family members talking to their friends they have invited along. my wish is to not missing every face coming to the glorious event. as host, what we should be wearing are simple cotton clothes so we dont sweat ourselves much. what's important is, people we invited come, we see them, we talk to them, and everyone is happy. it's a parade of love, friends meeting friends, not something that made us worry over breaking those piggy banks.

and yes, it is just an imagination. but not a rich one. jangan esok kalau wedding saya jadi benda lain, kena kutuk kaw kaw pulak ye. haha

(tadi baru ada seorang kawan im saya di fesbuk, tanya saya datang wedding ex bf ke tak)and i said YES, i was there . jadi pengapit lagi . haih .
pagi tadi kawan saya ikut saya hantar barang ke fakulti , jumpa la kawan dia umur 37 yang masih belum berkahwin.

kawan saya kata: kau jangan jadi macam tu tau.
ye lah.umur dah 20.tapi?hmm

wei , baru2 ni aku teruja sangat buat macam ni ^(00)^ , haha .

oke , aku tau . selekeh ni . =='

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