Wednesday, December 14, 2011

pre mature syndrome


this is the very first time i stayed up this late just to burn the midnight oil.
i'm having a written an assingment tomorrow, a paper prepared by my own project.
andhe (mr said darkasi) has already reminded me to do well,or else i'll have to repeat papers just for the sake of getting better grades.

why am i doing a last minute revising?
how NOT to do a last minute revising?
i am not reasoning here, but yes, i'm providing some, according to me, logical answers.

we know about the date of the exam not until, about 2 weeks back,
when we were busy preparing samples for our rat bioassay.
we went to theclass in the morning, and get back home in the evening, with transits to classes in between.
oh, and some sneaking outs for pray and lunch.

we were also busy with some other academic related things.
yes, we do get assignments, discussions.etc etc.
we even go to the class on weekend. rain or shine.
because we care for our class more than for ourselves.

thus, how NOT to do a last minute revising?
i love this.i love being busy.
it takes me away from being a sick child.
worrying too much on why she's being abandoned by her partner.
waiting for the mane who made promises (but yet,the content of his heart is unfigurable.[is there such word as unfigurable?heck,do i care])
but.this love does not last long,especially when you have very limited time to do everything.
mind you,it takes a lot of motivation and positive vibes and mood to complete those things.
yes,men are like machines,but men are not machines.
so here i am,cursing silently at one time and being thankful on another.

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