Wednesday, December 28, 2011

gosssh , my writing was suck . suck .

what's in the box for me?

at the age of 20, one should already be equipped enough to plan for his or her entire life.
what to do.
when to start your career.
when to be fully established in your career.
when to start buying a car, buying a house.
when to get engaged, married, and have children.
when to upgrade your career, car, house, family, lifestyle.
when to retire.
when to make investment.
how to spend the entire life.

20, a quarter of a decade. that's a very long time.

"To date, the youngest Nobel Laureate is Lawrence Bragg, who was just 20 years old when he received the Nobel Prize in Physics with his father in 1915".

i'm 20, and my biggest accomplishments so far are? represented the country for a student's visit? selected as the valedictorian? being independent in most of my big actions in life?

that is not enough.come on can do better!

mulut masok lalat <3

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