Thursday, November 10, 2011

true story . human . female .

hey assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera guys :)

i strongly believe that a woman gotta do what a woman gotta do.
it doesn't matter if you dressed up smartly early in the morning, wearing black A skirt, expensive perfume, hair dressed, driving  a car with the air condition turned on going to the office (okay, maybe not everybody is in the executive level, sometimes clerks also dressed smarter than the execs), #kelaskaumaria#

but my point is, when it comes to housechores, there's no such thing as you don't know how to do it.

true story. and i had to leak it out here because i have totally, extremely pissed off with my housemate of about a years ago . but i am too chicken out to smack her directly in the face.

she's about 24. well, she is 24. she works in an office. but i dont think she's on the top level, looking at some points.
physically, she's plump. that'll do it.
she went out to work at about 9, and came home at about 6.
she has all the necessary kitchen thingy-rice cooker, salt n pepper, oil, eggs etc etc. but she has never cooked anything other than frying burger patties or sausages.

what pissed me off are as below:
1) she does not close the gate sometimes, or the sliding grill door when she knows i am inside, even though i was sleeping at the moment she went out. what if i got raped? will she restore my virginity with hers?
2) i never see her sweep the floor
3) she never take turn to go pay the bills. it will be us who pay first and she repays later.
4) we decided to buy a refrigerator once. we even asked their permission for it and told them that any increase in electricity fee will be bared by us. but it turned out that, she has already stored a stand 4 feet refrigerator in her room since who-knows-when. and we had to pay for it all along without knowing it.
5) she never, ever, ever clean her mess after frying the foods. she left the wok and used oil where it is, and she reused the oil even after 2 or 3 days. and the people who do the cleaning: my roommate and i.
oh. and plenty of other things which i cant remember now.too pissed off already.

maybe she's being superior, thinking that she's an office person, unlike us, stuck in front of the laptop and classes all day, made her housework-free.

but even us, who once will once again enter the working field, get paid salary 3 or maybe 5 times more than her, do all the dirty works. we sweep, we mop and we clean the garbage, used dirty clothes and even the broom with our bare hands.

so friends, do remember, a woman is still a woman, no matter how high u think u are.
as long as u dont have a maid at home, u gotta do what a woman gotta do.

p/s: i am writing this in anger. i will delete it once i find it unsuitable to be kept posted. yeah i know. it's not good to embarrass other people. im not perfect too .

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