Thursday, November 10, 2011

the case of the diary

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera wahai pembaca yang budiman .

Talking to another person is easing.because you may get your responses directly,be it positive or negative.

you'll feel glad,you'll feel happy,you'll feel relieved because you let the things buried deep in your chest out.
especially those who like to voice out opinions, or stories, like me.

i do have a person, who i feel the need to tell the every inches of my stories to.
more like a diary to me.
for me to tell the first thing i thought of when i got up, my feelings, my opinions, so on and so forth.
it'll be a freedom to me, just to tell from the simplest to the complexest of things to this person.

but what happens when there's no diary to write your activities, rituals or emotions to?
for me,i feel frustrated.
i feel tense.
i feel stuck.
i feel sad.
and i will hate many things although it never occurred to me to hate those things before.

and then came all the things we can do to fill up our free time.our empty hearts.

so who needs a diary when the diary doesn't listen to u anymore?
shit , i missed them . so much . i miss my little sister , lina .
i missed my brother . mac and aron .
exspecially this person , just like my umi . ida .
 ouh ya , hey mr torrent  . i will be waiting dis movie :)

hey , this is my lovely kim . ehe~ perasaan la aku neh .

 i am so in love with her <3