Monday, September 19, 2011

WHAT I'VE THINK ? haa,,sangat cepatkan saya menaip ?

oh ya , maybe it's not too late saying happy eid-fitri to all of you guys .

hmm,let's start taking diz issue seriously .

i have some pretty clear ideas over my justifications of certain things in life.not saying they are 100% true.but let's say it is one form of a brain exercise for my almost washed-out brain. and i may want to keep this forever so that i know how many of my brain cells have evolved in making my life more meaningful. and oh, there may be some 'ouch!' here and there. so i apologize. but do read those with an open mind okay peeps?

1) why i don't think lepaking after futsal,jogging , aerobic so and so  is not the best idea for some people.
i don't say that it is not a good idea (to play safe). it's probably a good idea to mingle since we're meeting friends in a large crowd, reminiscing good old days in the healthiest state of mind and body. but what actually happens during the whole period of lepaking? you burnt some calories sooo hard during futsal, and you gained them back by eating roti telur and teh tarik. worse thing could happen, esp to those with risk of cardiovascular disease - family history, lifestyle, eating pattern. that's a good kickstart by losing those fat during play, but then when your body was busy doing their burning thingy, you introduce their good old friends - the fat you consumed. and there's another good friend - cigarette. and then came the long hours of chitchatting before u came home late, slept late, woke up late being not productive wasting the whole morning sleeping yada yada. boyfriends and husbands and friends of boyfriends and husbands, understand the females before saying they're controlling your life. they are helping you to gain your consciousness since you lost yours. agreed ?

2) why i think SOME branded stuffs are worth buying
designer's clothes, shoes, handbags? worth buying IF ONLY you can afford one. I don't mean only sons and daughters of the rich ppl can buy them. you work hard, you save your money so that in the end of the month, you can buy your dream blouse, shoes, or handbags. It is not wrong, because it is YOUR money and you earn it. No one can tell you it's wrong, and if they do, they might be jealous of you. Simple. This became an issue for me when (1) you use your parents money to buy your dream branded stuffs, and (2) you spent all or most of your monthly saving for those stuffs, without any saving for the rainy days, and (3) you even have to loan for it. (cars and houses are not included. it took forever to save all your money to buy assets in cash).
personally, some branded items eg undergarments, watches etc are worth buying. despite having to buy them 4 or 5 times in a year, you can save up by buying only once or twice in a year. plus the comfortableness too. (my sisters and i enjoy buying some items and we only have to buy it once a year, unless we want more of it, which is not necessary)

3) why i think having a business is essential
i know my friends and i are still young at age. many of us may think that it is still too early to talk about business. but there are some of them who are really into this matter. yes, true that we need to start young. so that we will have time for failure, and time to get up once again and rebuild and improvise what needed to be improvised. for me, having a business is not only for extra cash to spend, but for my children if somehow, global stagflation occurs. and if (God forbid) my children are destined to be not so successful in the path they have chosen, they still have something functioning to work on, for them and for their kids. having a property plays the same role, but it is quite hard to earn one these days.

4) why i think high CGPAs don't really mean much to me
I don't say high CGPAs are not good. They work really well especially when you have the whole package with you - the ability to persuade, the ability to get technical jobs done, and the ability to communicate with different type pf people. I was not a bright student. my cgpa is a little above average. but i was, and still am proud of myself because i got hired the moment i left university. let's look at this at the bright side, what happened to me at that time. I struggled so that i can keep up with my grades (i even flunked some papers and repeated one), and at the same time, i was active in some extra curricular activities. what my interviewer saw among the certificates i enclosed during interview was only the letter i received regarding one time i got selected to represent the country for one program. my cgpa? as long as they are not poor. go ask anyone in the industry, what do they feel about grades, if you don't believe me. but high CGPAs mean a lot when you're getting yourself into the research and academic field. but you still need communication skills, as you don't want your students to sleep in class while you talk.

5) he totally change . i want him back .i know he hiding something from me . herh . ignore it . sumpah ! i hate this situation .

that's all for now lah.too much complaining nanti muntah pulak.tata .

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