Tuesday, July 26, 2011

whining and dining ( sesi memperkukuh bahasa omputih saya )

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

yes this will sound pathetic, but fesbuk is my life.
it's sad, but it's true.and it's true to soo many people.

i woke up,then i turn to fesbuk.
i'm off to bed,but before that i will turn to fesbuk.
it's not like i'm sharing, or liking, or commenting each time i turn to it.
but i will read every single thing people write on the status feed.
who bought a new phone,who got engaged,who watched what,who listened to who,who likes who,who hates who,and who got into a relationship with who,and the list goes on and on.

it's something moving.i mean,it moves me.emotionally.
by waking up solemnly, they day will be brighten up by reading some inspiring articles shared by some friends.
then the cursing and hating starts when somebody shared some sad or tragic war or murder or tragic news.
then the smile happens.when reading some lovey wall posts,especially those posted by loved ones.
then the sad face emerges.reading multiple status updates shared by the same person, saying how sad or cruel or torturing life (or love,perhaps) is towards him/her.

somehow,the emergence of the sad face does relate to sharing the emotional downturn of the person, but most of the time, the sad face also represents the annoyance of reading the same thing, only in different set of selection of words, of some teenagers pouring him/her heart out, maybe because bertepuk sebelah tangan?

don't get me wrong.been there,done that.
but it's a place where your friends read to know the happenings to their ghettos.
not all people willing to listen to every inch of your whinings.

ok this has turn out to be a whining episode itself.

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