Wednesday, July 27, 2011

naked story

that day,i forgot when,ayu and i went to some secondary schools for data collection.we went there on ana's scooter.mmg sakit la weh jalan jejauh nek motor.

we passed through a lot of shops,small shops,i think that's what they call IKS,industri kecil sederhana,or industri kecil sangat.i dunno.

there was this shop,which when i looked at its signboard,shows:perniagaan naked jaya.

what the fish?

i looked again.(we were stopping at cross junction,because the red light was on).

perniagaan naked jaya.
eh bukan.
perniagaan nekad jaya.

hahaa.i think the hot weather made my vision blurrying.

later some thoughts crossed my mind.

what if the signboard maker mistakenly spelling the nekad word with naked word.

1. saya naked untuk meneruskan hidup saya dengan lebih berani dan tabah.
2. perniagaan naked untuk semua sdn . bhd.

well.i think those things will not happen.if it does,maybe orang-orang kampung won't bother.

eg: akram kejuruteraan. mustafa bengkel. ali kedai makan. ini baru manglish.takde pun diorang nak resentence balik signboard diorang tu.ok.membazir.

like i said.orang-orang kampung won't bother,maybe.but outsiders will.

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