Thursday, September 13, 2012

walking down on memory lane..

assalamualaikum ,
maaf saya tak layan kamu degan baik ,
maaf atas apa yang berlaku,
maaf saya tak dapat tunggu..
kalau kamu sayang saya kamu pasti tak akan buat saya terluka kali ini..
tapi dah banyak peluang saya bagi ..kamu masih x mampu nak berubah..
izinkan saya pergi jauh dari hidup kamu..
jangan cari saya lagi .
kamu kenangan saya, saya x akan lupa sampai bila2..

salam sayang ,
    - sue -

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Assalamualaikum pembaca yang budiman
I know there aren't many people reading my blog. The amount of readers may not be more than the amount of fingers in one hand.

But I'm gonna announce anyway. My blog, my way. this case, there are 4 types of people.

1) the educated educated
2) the uneducated educated
3) the educated uneducated
4) the uneducated educated

let us discuss, one by one.

1) the educated educated

basically, this category comprises of people who possess a tertier degree qualification, or more, ranging from diploma, degree, masters, phd, etc. they are people who are skilled in their respected fields, with experience mostly,academically. they can answer your questions relating to their respective field, with very high confidence, without even having to refer to any notes. they are mostly sensitive when their knowledge is being questioned, especially by those whose not from the same field of them.

however, these people, despite being intelligent and resourceful, they also possess common sense. they know where exactly to park their vehicles, legally. they dont create chaos by making other people's lives miserable. you will not see them in the midst of cars doubly or triply parked by the road side because they are busy looking for charged parking spots somewhere almost 2 km away. these people are sometimes also being described as stupid by people from the other categories due to their superior movement of their brain cells in making decisions which will make their own lives a little difficult, in order to not creating arguments.

2) the uneducated educated

(please refer first paragraph in type 1. they possess the same founding characteristics)

however, these people, they have something missing in their mind. perhaps, many things. despite the fact that they learnt, theoretically, manners, ethics, protocols etc etc and scored high marks in college, somehow they failed to practice them. this is an unresolved issue, and getting worse nowadays, and perhaps may cause fatality if not being prevented. these people can be seen waiting to fetch their children at school, driving sports cars, or huge vehicles (price ranged over 80k), double or triple parked their cars, in front of the school gates, causing the road to be turned into one small lane from 2 huge lanes.other small vehicles like my viva can barely pass by the road. they are also easily found doing the same thing by the roadside near the little shop they are stopping, or on the highway, driving on the fast lane with the same speed of a tank, or on the highway throwing rubbish out of the car, or in the emergency lane while others are queuing in the other lanes. and many many many more.

3) the educated uneducated

they do not possess any tertier degree. they were not that excellent in school. but they live their lives modestly, and happily.

(please refer to second paragraph in type 1)

4) the uneducated educated

sonang cito eh..ekau campo lah paragraph 1 kat type 3 tu dongan perenggan panjang dokek type 2 tu.malas den nak cito. ni yang paling seburuk-buruk perangai)

suddenly i feel lazy.bye

Friday, August 3, 2012

amor no es amor :(

Well it's early in the morning
And my heart is feeling lonely
Just thinkin bout you baby
Got me twisted in the head
And I dont know how to take it
But it's driving me so crazy
I dont know if it's right
I'm tossin turning in my bed
It's 5 oclock in the morning
And I still can't sleep
Thinkin bout your beauty it makes me weak...
I'm feeling hopeless in my home
I dont know what to do I think I'm in love

Amor, no es amor (if this aint love)
Then what am I feeling (what am I doing wrong)
Amor, no es amor (if this aint love)
Is this an illusion that I have in my heart?

Now I know you're not my boy
But I'm just tryin to make this right
I dont know what to do I'm going out of my mind
So baby if u let me
Kick it witchu well than maybe we could ride together
We could do this all nite
Now I dont care if u got a man
Baby I wish you'd understand
Cuz I know he can't love u right, quite like I can
It's 5 oclock in the morning
And I still can't sleep
Thinkin bout your beauty it makes me weak...
I'm feeling hopeless at home
I dont kno what to do I think I'm in love

I love the way u freaky like that
I love the way u freaky like that
I love the way u freaky like that
It's an obsession

awak tak akan faham saya .

Thursday, June 28, 2012

one rezeki after another

i am having a nervous acute i have to tell the causes in my blog.

i am currently engaged to a very wonderful person, and planning to get married by the end of the year. kalau ade rezeki lah kan ?
i am deeply nervous and have not a clue on what to do.
i still takde kerja  still having a lot of things to settle on my life.
and currently have been burdened by something yg i tak boleh nak bagitahu.

and just if those are not enough, i just read an email, saying that i am bla.bla.bla. it's secret. ahah.
nervous nak mati ni haaa....adoi.badan dah seram sejuk ni,blur tak tau apa nak buat.
ok bye

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

gosssh , my writing was suck . suck .

what's in the box for me?

at the age of 20, one should already be equipped enough to plan for his or her entire life.
what to do.
when to start your career.
when to be fully established in your career.
when to start buying a car, buying a house.
when to get engaged, married, and have children.
when to upgrade your career, car, house, family, lifestyle.
when to retire.
when to make investment.
how to spend the entire life.

20, a quarter of a decade. that's a very long time.

"To date, the youngest Nobel Laureate is Lawrence Bragg, who was just 20 years old when he received the Nobel Prize in Physics with his father in 1915".

i'm 20, and my biggest accomplishments so far are? represented the country for a student's visit? selected as the valedictorian? being independent in most of my big actions in life?

that is not enough.come on can do better!

mulut masok lalat <3


the walls are breaking in.

weekend yang penuh produktif.aspek keluarga, personal dan perasaan.
dah mula masuk fasa tidur di siang hari dan berjaga di malam hari.
baru namanya student.
okay , nak cerita ape ye ?
how i imagine my wedding will be?hekh .

i am not so...creative in this.i dont imagine my wedding day as "rich" as any wedding i've been to.
i'm not imagining of wearing silk, or organza, or whatever expensive clothes they are wearing. in fact, i only know a few fabric names - cotton, and gorgette (is it spelled correctly?)

i dont have the imagination of my wedding filled with flowery hantaran. i dont imagine wearing 3 to 4 clothes in a day. i dont even imagine having to sit on the pelamin watching everybody eat and laugh with my sweat pouring from my forehead.

i dont imagine my wedding with a dj hosting it. i dont imagine my wedding having the silat or zapin dance or whatever. i dont imagine my wedding a long table for makan beradab. i dont even imagine having a 3 or 4-tier wedding cake with a small plastic miniature of the bride and groom on top of it.

i dont imagine seeing my friend come and go without my husband and i greeting them at the entrance. i dont imagine missing talking to every one of them. i dont imagine having my parents to greet people they dont know. i dont even imagine seeing some strangers wandering around the buffet line.

my wedding should have, my husband and i greeting every guests at the entrance, while my parents and family members talking to their friends they have invited along. my wish is to not missing every face coming to the glorious event. as host, what we should be wearing are simple cotton clothes so we dont sweat ourselves much. what's important is, people we invited come, we see them, we talk to them, and everyone is happy. it's a parade of love, friends meeting friends, not something that made us worry over breaking those piggy banks.

and yes, it is just an imagination. but not a rich one. jangan esok kalau wedding saya jadi benda lain, kena kutuk kaw kaw pulak ye. haha

(tadi baru ada seorang kawan im saya di fesbuk, tanya saya datang wedding ex bf ke tak)and i said YES, i was there . jadi pengapit lagi . haih .
pagi tadi kawan saya ikut saya hantar barang ke fakulti , jumpa la kawan dia umur 37 yang masih belum berkahwin.

kawan saya kata: kau jangan jadi macam tu tau.
ye lah.umur dah 20.tapi?hmm

wei , baru2 ni aku teruja sangat buat macam ni ^(00)^ , haha .

oke , aku tau . selekeh ni . =='

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Nama Diana Ahmad, saya suka membaca.

Apa-apa perkataan yang saya nampak di depan mata, saya akan baca. Jika subjek utama itu tampak menarik, saya akan teruskan pembacaan saya. Tak kiralah buku akademik ke, bible yang saya jumpa di tempat kerja ke, dr. atkins punya diet ke, ataupun profil peribadi siapa-siapa.

Dalam masa kurang sebulan, saya telah menghabiskan duit saya dengan membeli beberapa buah buku bacaan. Dan baru satu saya habiskan.

Dek kerana tekanan kuliah yang berlambak-lambak, saya akan berasa letih setibanya saya ke rumah. Dan apabila saya membuka sahaja buku yang mahu saya baca itu, saya akan berasa macam nak muntah, betul ni, macam kita baru lepas kenyang makan pulut durian, lepas tu kena menghadap bubur cha cha pulak.

Dan kini, hampir seminggu saya tidak langsung membaca buku di rumah. Sebab kononnya dah kenyang. Betul kata tok senek, saya kena cari hobi baru.
Buku-buku di rumah tu nantilah saya baca. Isinya berat sangat. Memang tak boleh nak dihadam ketika kepala sedang berat.
Kerja saya beberapa minggu kebelakangan ini adalah mengeluarkan buku-buku lama daripada kotak, kemudian mengasingkannya, kemudian mana-mana yang berkenaan akan saya rekodkan ke dalam perpustakaan.

Dan buku-buku itu datangnya dari hak milik persendirian.

dan semalam, ketika kotak kesebelas dibuka, saya nampak kitab berkulit hijau itu.

Sebuah Al-Quran yang dulu-dulu masa kecik-kecik kita (saya dan rakan-rakan sebaya saya) bawa pergi mengaji di rumah ustazah.

Elok sahaja kitab itu disusun dalam kotak itu bersama buku-buku dan majalah-majalah lama yang lain.

Yang mana buku-buku dan majalah-majalah itu terdiri daripada pelbagai kategori-akademik, hiburan, pengetahuan am.

Sedangkan dia sendiri sudah rendahkan taraf kitab itu sedemikian rupa, apatah lagi orang lain yang bukan sealiran dengannya.